N 50 dBZ. This difference have to be connected with the distinctive atmospheric systems operating inside the region, where the SCM stands out. The behavior of vertical reflectivity profiles located within this study can also be constant with findings for convective conditions and/or lightning occurrence in other locations about the globe, such as within the states of Oklahoma and Kansas, USA [86], in Henan province, China [114] and for several representative regions in tropical and subtropical places [115]. five. Conclusions This study evaluated, in pioneering fashion, the behavior of microphysical properties as a function of occurrence and non-occurrence of lightning inside the Northeast area of Brazil, too as the spatial distribution of these traits in the region. The use of details in the TRMM satellite proved to become a basic alternative for regions including NEB, exactly where there is a substantial territorial extent and no efficient coverage by ground radar and lightning place systems. The evaluated cloud microphysical parameters showed that clouds with lightning have characteristics fairly unique from these with no electrical discharges. Electrified clouds have a tendency to have a greater amount of ice (IWP), have a slight rise inside the height with the freezing level (FH), and have larger values of SP, CP and RWP. Large-scale atmospheric systems for example ITCZ and SACZ have a sturdy influence on the spatial distribution of the microphysical characteristics evaluated in this study. Smaller-scale systems for example UTCV and Upper Bolivia also influence these parameters by facilitating convection, especially throughout the Southern Hemisphere summer time. The tertile method proved to be of excellent importance for spatial division of NEB into lightning occurrence classes, since the application of ANOVA, followed by the Tukey test showed a substantial distinction in between most regions (treatments) for the respective variables measured.Remote Sens. 2021, 13,18 ofThe evaluation of clouds’ vertical structure by means of the vertical reflectivity profiles showed the existence of differences amongst coastal and Icosabutate Icosabutate Purity & Documentation inland regions, also to highlighting the relationship involving higher reflectivity linked with larger lightning densities. New perspectives for use of lightning measured by the Geostationary Lightning Mapper-GLM sensor onboard the GOES satellite [116] had been produced from these results, with the possibility of making use of data in the continuous monitoring from the location studied. As a result, future operates can observe a storm all through its life cycle, with better temporal resolution. In general, the assessment of convective initiation and lightning initiation scenarios will help to Compound 48/80 Epigenetic Reader Domain enhance the understanding of atmospheric patterns that precede lightning occurrence and to reduce its harmful effects.Author Contributions: All authors contributed to this paper: conceptualization, L.P.d.A., W.A.G., E.V.M. and D.T.R.; methodology, L.P.d.A., W.A.G., E.V.M. and D.T.R.; computer software, L.P.d.A., D.T.R., P.R.M. and M.P.A.d.S.; writing–original draft preparation, L.P.d.A.; writing–review and editing, W.A.G., E.V.M., D.T.R., P.R.M. and M.P.A.d.S.; visualization, L.P.d.A., W.A.G., E.V.M., D.T.R., P.R.M. and M.P.A.d.S.; supervision, W.A.G. and E.V.M.; funding acquisition, L.P.d.A., W.A.G., E.V.M., D.T.R., P.R.M. and M.P.A.d.S. All authors have study and agreed to the published version on the manuscript. Funding: This study was financed in aspect by the Coordena o de Aperfei amento de Pessoal de N el Superior–Br.