Of your pipeline covering gas, heat, and other kinds of underground pipelines within the campus is proposed by [174]. Besides real-time monitoring, locating the point of failure inside the system is accomplished by way of combining the monitoring data with geographic info. As described within the earlier section, GIS in [170] is accountable for displaying a net map of real-time outage status. Apart from, GIS assists with displaying the rice disease regions on a map in [111] discussed in Section three.5. Analysis (Other Functionalities of GIS) Geography could be viewed as an indispensable portion of IoT due to the fact all physical objects occupy a space in space or time. The same could be true for the developed information by sensors. The place, dimension, and orientation of these objects can bring about quite a few spatial relationships involving them [182]. With the wonderful functionalities of GIS, analyzing these relationships is often beneficial to address the challenges we are facing in IoT-based systems. These functionalities of GIS are discussed in [183] and are categorized into six unique analytical techniques of geospatial analysis namely, Geometric Measures, Information Mining, Fundamental Analytical Operations, Standard Analytical Strategies, Network Evaluation, Surface Analysis, and Geostatistics. With all the speedy tendency to move to urban places [35] and an over-utilization of land and sea resources, the high-quality of water plays a prominent function in people’s GSK2646264 Purity & Documentation acceptable locations for living. Using IoT, GIS and remote sensing technology, Reference [92] proposes a water high quality monitoring program. GIS is made use of to divide the Pacific Island Countries into different regions which would be involved in identifying the distinct place. The Studies [78,79] mentioned in Section three.3 use GIS functionalities to procedure their details. 4.three.2. GIS in Application Layer GIS can provide its capabilities within the Web and mobile solutions which is often utilized inside the Application layer of IoT architecture. Using the improvement of net technologies, lots of services are provided for customers without having quite a few locational restrictions [184]. Today the capabilities of GIS such as the visualization of spatial information and its processing tools is usually accessible for users by way of web services [185]. Consequently, lots of organizations are inclined to use the Internet version of GIS to simultaneously advantage from the advantages of Internet technology and GIS [186]. In [29,111,173] Internet GIS is used to supply the geovisualization of spatial information. Mobile GIS is yet another option to adopt GIS services in mobile devices [187]. This kind from the GIS would help users to tackle the problems requiring real-time field mapping and positioning details [188]. The majority of the functionalities of GIS discussed earlier might be brought up in Mobile GIS, for that reason, customers can take advantage of their portable GIS devices. The prominent components of a Mobile GIS are hardware, computer software, wireless communication, and GPS which also exist in IoT. The studies [27,31,170] use Mobile GIS in their proposed systems. five. Discussion The functionalities provided by IoT and GIS make it appropriate for developing numerous systems in diverse domains. In Section three, the function of GIS, IoT, and also the integration ofAppl. Sci. 2021, 11,14 ofthese two technologies in different applications are discussed. A summary of the survey is provided in Table 2.Table two. A summary of the role of GIS, IoT, and IEM-1460 Epigenetic Reader Domain IoT-GIS in distinct domains. Application The Role of GIS The Part of IoT Advantages of IoT-GIS IntegrationUrban Infrastru.