Etabolomics. Benefits: The metabolome of exosomes purified by HSP peptides from plasma of individuals with various neurological problems is distinct from that of blood exosomes from healthier donors (80 distinct compounds in GBM exosomes, and TBI exosomes; 30 compounds in MS exosomes; all are exclusive to these groups). There are also many lipid and metabolic pathways linked to those compounds. Summary/conclusion: Such HSP-accessorized exosomes hence possess metabolites with attainable ties towards the diverse CNS pathologies that may possibly represent disease-specific biomarkers in a “liquid biopsy” setting.ISEV2019 ABSTRACT BOOKLBT02: Late Breaking- EV Biomarkers Chairs: Maja Mustapic; Dakota Gustafson Location: Level 3, Hall A 15:306:LBT02.Cancer stem cell-derived exosomespotential for early detection in CD3 ζ Proteins Formulation pancreatic cancer Haobin Wanga, Yingshu Luob, Margot Zoellerc and Shijing Yued The third people`s hospital of Chengdu/Affiliated hospital of Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China (People`s Republic); bUniversity of Electronic Science and Technologies of China, Chengdu, China (People`s Republic); cHeidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany; dNankai University, Tianjin, China (People`s Republic)aLBT02.02=OWP3.Making use of plasma to identify neural biomarker for antidepressant response inside a therapy resistant cohort Corina Nagya, Saumeh Saeedib, Jean-Francois Therouxc, Marina Wakidc, CD24/Heat-Stable Antigen Proteins MedChemExpress Naguib Mechawarc and Gustavo TureckibaDHRC- McGill University, Verdun, Canada; bMcGill University, Verdun, Canada; cMcGill University, verdun, CanadaIntroduction: Pancreatic cancer (PaCa) would be the most deadly malignancy, as a result of late diagnosis and early metastatic spread, which prohibits surgery. it is actually urgently for trustworthy, early detection. Research shows that tumour-derived exosomes, which had been present inside the blood within the early stage of tumour formation and prior to metastasis, is definitely the vanguard forces of tumour formation and metastasis; Cancer stem cell-derived exosomes (CSC-Exos) has stronger migration capacity, so the detection of blood CSC-Exos for early diagnosis and monitoring of progress for PaCa has excellent analysis prospective along with the worth of application. Strategies: Protein markers were chosen according to expression in exosomes of PaCa cell line culture supernatants, but not wholesome donors’ serum- exosomes. In accordance with these preselections, serum-exosomes were tested by flow cytometry for the pancreatic cancer stem cell marker Tspan8. Final results: The majority (95) of patients with PaCa and individuals with nonPa-malignancies reacted with antiTspan8. Serum-exosomes of healthier donors’ and individuals with nonmalignant illnesses were not reactive. Recovery was tumour grading and staging independent like early stages. Summary/conclusion: Hence, the evaluation of pancreatic CSC-derived exosomes awaits retrospective analyses of larger cohorts, because it should allow for a extremely sensi- tive, minimally-invasive PaCa diagnostics. Funding: Supported by the National All-natural Science Foundation of China (No. 81702963)Introduction: Smaller extracellular vesicles (SEV) have emerged as candidate biomarkers in many complex diseases. An essential characteristic of SEVs is their ability to bidirectionally cross the blood-brain barrier. That is particularly critical in the context of main depressive disorder (MDD), where biomarkers are obtained from peripheral tissue and have been challenging to relate to alterations in brain functioning. 60 of MDD sufferers usually do not respond to their initially antidepressant drug t.