The CNTs were impregnated (physical and chemical 3-Chloro-5-hydroxybenzoic acid Protocol crosslinking)N/AN/A
The CNTs have been impregnated (physical and chemical crosslinking)N/AN/A1 10-1.13 10-[204]Spinal cord: E = 1.02.37 [143] Peripheral nerve: = six.5 [128]PCL/PPy1 of PPyE = 204 =E = 35 =0.9 10-1.02 10-[128]CS/PANIN/A (0 to two.5 wt of PANI)E = 7.0 10-E = 1.08 10-7.5 10-1.3 10-[129]SF/PPy and SF/PANIN/AN/AN/A1 10-2.2 10-5 (PPy) 1.six 10-4 (PANI)[155]SkinE = 0.002540 [165] = 52 [166]1 10-7 to 2.six 10-3 [154]PGFP5 wt PPy/PDAN/AN/A1.9 10-6.7 10-[158]rBC/PPy/CNTN/AE = 13.75 10-3 = 17.79 10-E = 38.7 10-3 = six.96 10-3.47 10-10 (rBC)1.67 10-Good biocompatibility for NIH3T3 cell proliferation[168]Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22,28 ofTable 1. Cont.Certain Needs Tissue Type Mechanical Properties (MPa) Conductivity (S/cm) Biomaterial (matrix/CPs) Technique Concentration Mechanical Properties (MPa) Pristine Composite Pristine Optimum Outcome Conductivity (S/cm) Cell Viability/Proliferation Composite 76 cell viability vs. 63 of bare PCL (day 3). Aligned fiber increases quantity of myotube, myotube average length maturation index relative to its randomly aligned counterpart 34 myotubes matured compared to pristine sample (11 ) at four days. Introduction of ES substantially increased the degree of Ca2 transient two 108 fluorescence intensity of live/dead C2C12 cells when compared with five 107 of bare PEGS. Excessive AP loading beyond 9.3 wt leads to considerably decreased biocompatibility Aligned micropattern is in a position to improve myotube differentiation and aspect ratio by giving topographical cues alongside electrical cues from ES Increased expression of heart-specific genes (cTNT and Cx43) at 7 and 14 post culture days occurred in the CG-PPy scaffolds Raise cell-scaffold interactions, biocompatibility, and cardiac a-MHC antibody was expressed significantly with the presence of GO Improves biocompatibility and cell viability Early in vivo experiments indicates the scaffold did not induce proarrhythmogenic activity within the heart Ref.PANI/PCLElectrospinning to make aligned Olesoxime supplier nanofibers of PANI/PCL3 wt PANIE = 7.2 = six.E = 55.2 = ten.N/A6.36 10-[51]CSA-PANI/gelatin Muscle E = one hundred 10-3 [184] 1.25 10-3 [179]Doping of PANI/gelatin with CSA, fabricated with electrospinningGelatin 20 CSA 5 PANI 5E = 0.E = 0.9.1 10-4.2 10-[183]PEGS-APCopolymer creation by grafting AP onto the backbone of PEGS9.three wt APE = 14.58 = 1.93 Break elongation = 45.9E = 23.46 = 3.91 Break elongation = 65.9N/A1.74 10-[185]PEG/PEDOT:PSS hydrogelMicropatterned PEG hydrogel, followed by in situ PEDOT polymerization on best with the PEG substrateN/AE = 34.E = 45.N/A2.49 10-[182]CG-PPyDoping PPy with FeCl3 and mixed with CGN/AN/AN/A0.0.[189]PAN/PANI/GO Cardiac E = 5040 10-3 [205] 1 10-3 [206]GO as dopants for the PANI in fabrication of PAN/PANI scaffold by plasma therapy Adding PEDOT:PSS to CS/PVA to fabricate scaffold via the electrospinning strategy Grew polyaniline (PANI) doped with phytic acid through polymerization on the surface on the chitosan filmN/AN/AN/A0.0.[78]CS/PVA/PEDOT:PSS1 of PEDOT:PSSE=E = 18 E = six.73 = five.26 Break elongation = 796 10-7.63 10-[50]Chitosan/PANIN/AN/AN/A0.[201]Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22,29 of4. Manufacturing Method So that you can understand an efficient electroactive bio-scaffold, you will find 3 elements that needs to be cautiously viewed as: (1) the supplies have to be biocompatible, electrically conductive, adequate in strength and equivalent in elasticity moduli together with the replaced tissue; (two) the scaffold should be developed to ensure that the morphology is often as precise as you can; and (three) its su.