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Sis 7.20.2) in the location and declared that he intended to create this part of his vast kingdom as prosperous as Phoenicia and to location settlers right here (Arrian, Anabasis 7.19.5). Arrian’s detailed description of this a part of Alexander’s kingdom and of its resources derives from the accounts of sailors who took part in the three naval expeditions dispatched by Alexander (in 325 BC) to explore the western coast of the Persian Gulf plus the Arabian Peninsula. Arrian mentions that the expeditions dispatched by Alexander have been intended to explore and to record geographical characteristics, which include rivers and harbours,Religions 2021, 12,4 ofof the location, to discover in regards to the inhabitants and their customs and to find locations suitable for colonisation (Anabasis 7.20. 20; 7.21.7). The first expedition was commanded by Archias of Pella, who sailed as far as Tylos (today’s Bahrain), the second by Androsthenes, who sailed from Tylos to Arados and a part of the Arabian Peninsula, and also the third by Hieron. Hieron, in spite of orders to sail to Hero olis in Egypt, sailed round the Arabian Peninsula, but did not go as far as ordered and returned to Babylon (Arrian, Anabasis 7.20.7). In line with Arrian (Anabasis 7.20.three), Alexander discovered of your two islands located near the mouth on the Euphrates from his commanders. The initial island, close for the shore and to the mouth of your Euphrates, was modest, inhabited by animals and thickly forested, as well as possessed a shrine of Artemis, around which the inhabitants lived. Alexander ordered this island to become named Ikaros, just after the island Ikaros in the Aegean Sea. The other island lay additional away from the mouth in the Euphrates and was known as Tylos (Arrian, Anabasis 7.20.2). Strabo (Geogr 16.3.2) states that Androsthenes, who had navigated the Persian Gulf, mentioned that there was a temple to Apollo and an oracle of Artemis Tauropolos on the island of Ikaros. Additional info about this area derives from Polybius, who describes the return of Antiochos III from his anabasis in 205 BC (Polybius 13.9.2). Polybius describes Gerrha, a prosperous city and trading center (emporium) in the Arabian Peninsula situated on the west coast from the Arabian Gulf (Strabo, Geog. 16.three.3), which maintained industrial relations with other cities on the Arabian Peninsula, for example Petra, with Syria and, BI-0115 MedChemExpress further afield, with Delos (Potts 2009, p. 40). The Gerrhans supplied neighborhood goods, namely frankincense and oil of cinnamon, as a present to Antiochos around the ratification in the peace among them. Antiochos III stopped at the island of Tylos ahead of returning to Seleukeia n-the-Tigris (Polybius 13.9.4). As we’ve got observed, the literary sources on the islands in the Persian Gulf are scanty, perhaps since the majority of ancient writers were not concerned to provide a description with the region or since they knew extremely tiny about it and its neighborhood conditions. Our sources, sadly, reflect only the Greek perception of your area and say practically nothing from the views held by the indigenous population, who must have been acquainted with the islands of your Persian Gulf and navigation amongst them. Accounts by the Greco-Macedonian sailors from the expeditions commissioned by Alexander show that the ships sailed close towards the coasts and avoided going further out to sea, for the reason that of the dangers involved. The sailors almost certainly had to contend together with the seasonal peculiarities from the sea caused by the monsoon winds that blew inside the region all through the year (south-west winds from Jun.